As the great South African poet and author C Louis Leipoldt said, October is that most beautiful of all months. And currently we have no reason not to believe the great man’s words. 

Spring is underway, and a rather splendid one. Just like other parts of the Western Cape, De Wetshof experienced welcoming bouts of rainfall during winter. Not quite as much as we’d like – and need after the past four years’ drought – but enough to provide good moisture to the deep-lying roots of our vines. The rain was accompanied by icy temperatures that saw many a dawn stopping the thermometer at freezing point, with the nearby mountains covered in snow.

And so these wintry conditions have led to a beautiful spring. The vines are resplendent in their emerald green shoots and leaves, the cover crops are dense and the soils are glowing with health. This all means that it is down-hill to next year’s harvest which, by the looks of things, will be a week or two later than 2018. Soon the cooling breezes from the southern oceans will begin to fan the vineyards. In the cellar the tanks are being emptied, the barrels prepared. One more harvest to look forward to, and during such a beautiful month it all looks great.

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