With the inevitable hum of pending seasonal festivities in the air, one eye is – as always at this time of the year – on the vineyards. Everybody is preparing for a much needed break after another busy year, but for those in the wine industry the frenetic pace of harvest-time is around the corner and De Wetshof’s focus is now on the harvest of 2020, the first of a new decade.

The cold winter did not bring as much rain as we anticipated, but the onset of the growing season saw relatively cool weather allowing for mild, temperate conditions. What a wine farmer wants to see most at this time of the year is evenness and balance in the vines as they head towards their holding ripe, full grape bunches ready for harvest. And with the mild conditions all stages of flowering, berry-set and bunch-formation has been beautifully even. The berries are looking even in size, currently in the stage of veraison.

This week De Wetshof’s staff will have their Christmas party, the excitement complemented by a sense of eager anticipation as we know that harvest time is but less than one month away.

Looking back on an eventful year, De Wetshof’s reputation as South Africa’s House of Chardonnay is becoming widespread as we continue to receive accolades for our site-specific wines that portray a diverse spectrum of Chardonnay profiles underscored by the superior characteristics this variety has become known for.

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