risotto alla milanese with brown butter pan fried prawns

Just the thought of risotto alla Milanese – a classic Italian dish, makes me very happy. I pride myself in my risotto making ability and have fine-tuned the technique over the years. It’s a simple dish that relies quite heavily on a few basic skills by the cook. If you get it wrong you land up with stodgy dry rice. It requires almost constant attention, which is why I prefer making it with a friend sitting in my kitchen sipping on a glass of wine. A good risotto needs to be velvety and luscious with the rice grains still maintaining a firm bite in the centre. Although risotto alla Milanese is traditionally served with Ossobuco, I absolutely love it with these prawns that are simply pan-fried to perfection in brown butter. If you haven’t yet discovered the joys of a brown butter sauce with shellfish, you have something magical to look forward to.

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