De Wetshof Rhine Riesling 2017


De Wetshof Rhine Riesling 2017 The De Wetshof Estate Riesling is crisp and delicate. The nose and palate are abundantly complex with a typically spicy deep fruity flavour. read more »
Alc: 12.14% RS: 7.8 pH: 2.94 TA: 7.5 VA: 0.37 SO2: 106 FSO2: 31

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De Wetshof Rhine Riesling 2017
Technical Analysis
Winemaker : Danie de Wet
Main Variety : Weisser Riesling
Alcohol : 12.14 %vol
pH : 2.94
RS : 7.8 g/l
Total Acid : 7.5 g/l
Volatile Acidity : 0.37 g/l
SO2 : 106 mg/l
Free SO2 : 31 mg/l
Appellation : Robertson
Type : White
Style : Off Dry
Taste : Fruity

Tasting Notes
The De Wetshof Estate Riesling is crisp and delicate. The nose and palate are abundantly complex with a typically spicy deep fruity flavour.

Ageing Potential
3-5 years

Blend Information
100% Rhine Riseling

In The Vineyard
Danie de Wet, present owner and winemaker of De Wetshof Estate, studied viticulture and cellar technology at Geisenheim, the famous German wine institute.

Danie pioneered the noble white varieties of Europe in South Africa and today the estate of 200 hectares specialises in superior white wines exclusively. Thus, De Wetshof, the first registered wine estate in the Robertson region, made South Africa’s first Chardonnay Superior, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhine Riesling Superior. Today Danie specialises in Chardonnay.

Summer afternoons are fanned by a cool breeze from the Agulhas Coast. Nights are chilly and mist often shrouds the vineyards until late morning during high summer.
Irrigation: The vineyards are scientifically irrigated with the aid of a fully computerised irrigation system. Thanks to the most modern technology, irrigation on De Wetshof has been turned into an asset promoting the quality of the grapes.
Soils: The gravely soils are extremely rich in lime with a 7.8 – 8 pH
Rainfall: Robertson is a winter rainfall area with approximately 300mm per annum.
Pest Control: Due to a very dry climate, spraying is minimal compared to other wine growing regions.
Winemaking Methods: Danie de Wet adjusts his methods of winemaking from year to year, according to weather conditions and grape quality, in the belief that wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar.
Cooper: French oak barrels for De Wetshof are specially chosen from specific coopers to enhance the quality of the fruit.

Soil Type: Gravel lime
Rootstock: Richter 99, 110 and 101-14
Age of the vines: 13 years
Vines per hectare: 4 000
Trellising style: 6 Wire fence system cordon with spur pruning.
Tons per hectare yield: 12 Tons

About The Harvest
The grapes are picked early in the morning.

In The Cellar
The grapes are destalked and given no skin contact. The juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks at a low 16 – 18°C until dry. After fermentation the young wine is cleaned and allowed a period of rest before bottling.
Barrel maturation: None

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